About us

Edha Interieur is a family business founded during the early 50ies. Current owner Saskia Bakker is the third generation to run the store together with her enthusiastic team of professionals.

Introduction of our team:

Saskia Bakker: owner since 2001. Saskia dedicates a great deal of her time to visiting expos and manufacturers, acquisition of new collections and brainstorming about the store. She initiates ideas and involves her colleagues every step of the way. Rather than being a manager or boss, Saskia views herself as coach of a team, ensuring all tools and circumstances at work are as ideal as possible. Usually she handles larger projects.

René van der Horst: interior designer René has years of experience in this business. Because he has worked for a variety of interior design stores, each with a different style, René’s work often contains a signature mix of modern and classical elements. He dedicates himself to styling our store and managing our fabric department.

Derkina Wiegman: Derkina already has years of experience in interior design before she came working at Edha.She inspires and gets inspired by Pinterest, absolutely worthwhile to take a look at her account.Materials en textures are carefully chosen for each projec. Gardens and roofterraces are a extra specialty of her.

Marco Schumacher: Marco has been with Edha for many years. His work is very versatile. His specialty is upholstery and he has beautified many properties with his amazing flooring designs.


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