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A stylish canal house in Amsterdam. The occupant of the property and interior designer Lizzy found each other in their love for distinct designs.

A dyke house for connoiseurs. The residents came by for a custom cabinet. Laurens made the design, even-tually also for the rest of their house

After the renovation of this beautiful 1930s house, the residents enlisted the help of Laurens for the interior. The spaces were tackled in phases, to the great satisfaction of the family.

Italian design, handcrafted furniture and rich colors and materials. Lizzy went to work with the wishes and input of the residents. The result is a harmonious whole.

Inspired by the beautiful architecture of the building, Martine created an atmosphere in hotel style , and as desired by the couple she designed custom cabinets.

Modern but also warm. That was the wish for this living space. For the young couple, Paul found the per-fect mix of wood, glass and soft fabrics.

The residents’ wish was to get a sense of home and a real wow effect. Paul came up with the most beautiful fabrics and much more.

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