Interior Design Service

Decorating or remodelling homes and offices is a skilled profession. It is our profession and has been so for over sixty years. We invest a great deal of time and energy in visiting locations, giving advice and making detailed drawings of proposals. Experience with and love for interior design makes our store special.

We can also assist you with any customised project or provide construction supervision.

Each consultation is unique and tailored to meet the client’s wishes. The process differs each time but generally looks like this:

  1. Your visit to our store and first contact with our advisors and designbrands.
  2. We make an inventory of your wishes and your budget.
  3. Our interior designer visits your home or office to get a feel of the space, to take measurements (for window dressing and flooring) and to identify  wall sockets and power outlets for lighting.
  4. Design, drawing and quote; colour and material advice, samples, presentation, estimate.
  5. Finalising choices and placing orders.
  6. Delivery and assembly by our own staff of assembly people, upholsterers and mechanics.
  7. Final touch on location by your personal interior designer.

A complete design consultation tackles an entire home or office, but we also provide advice and service for smaller projects, such as lighting design or textile use for window dressings.

If you are interested in a consultation or you are looking for advice on interior design for your home or office, please contact us to make an appointment. We are looking forward to meet you and discuss your wishes.